Might & Magic: Chess Royale

Ubisoft’s Might & Magic: Chess Royale Update

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The popular auto-battler game of Ubisoft’s Might & Magic: Chess Royale has come up with a major update on game content. Heroes Reborn adds some new iconic heroes to the game. In total 14 new characters will intensify the gameplay heavily.

Check out Ubisoft’s Might & Magic: Chess Royale preview here:

The gameplay is highly intuitive and exciting. Players need to battle with other opponents and be the last hero standing to claim victory. The new update of the game allows you to take three heroes to war, but only one of the heroes can be active at one time. The three heroes can then go for a battle mission and overcome each opponent and hence opening up a place for next heroes.


Players can also collect units and upgrade heroes, all coming with specific abilities and power. This game is free to play, so go and enjoy this short and exciting game with thrilling battles and amazing visuals right away.

Might & Magic: Chess Royale

You can check out the new update of  this game in Google PlayStore and AppStore.


Source: Ubisoft


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