Epic VS Apple Battle

Apple Hits Back to Fortnite in Epic VS Apple Battle!

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The legal dispute between the two giants Epic VS Apple Battle is not coming to an end. The Epic was trying to restore Fortnite to iOS to which now Apple hits back to Fortnite in App Store Battle.


Epic in its statement told that removing their popular game title will cause severe harm to the company and also wanted Apple to be motionless in this. For this, the company has filed a legal petition of requesting Apple to back-off from blocking the battle royale game from the iOS stores.


However, now Apple has responded regarding this request and is likely not willing to back-off from the current scenario as the company has always tried for an exponential output for both users and developers. Whereas Epic has come up with the monopoly maintenance by starting the fire business with us.

Epic VS Apple Battle

Epic VS Apple Battle:

Apple reports that over 130 million users have been downloaded Fortnite from the iOS store. Since its 2018 launch, raising over $550 million for Epic. In addition to a 30 percent premium for digital sales as set down in the deal Epic signed, Apple charge $99 a year for a developer license.


According to the sources, Apple has asked Fortnite to wait for a full year before making their game live now. They will also deny all applications, account of Epic Games for a straight one long year. This will cause great harm to Epic has presently they are the developers of Unreal Engine and prohibiting them from future use will leave developers from using the Unreal Engine. However, the Google response in banning is yet not known.


Months before at the beginning of Epic VS Apple Battle, Epic has filed a lawsuit against Apple for revoking developer’s accounts to which Apple has filed a counter lawsuit against Epic for rupturing the mutual agreement.


Epic Games has come up with a similar approach towards Google and filed a complaint against them as well but the official complaint is not served till now to Google. The whole fire dispute was started when last month Apple and Google pulled off Fortnite from their respective stores. Now only time will know when this Epic VS Apple Battle will be over. Stay tune more updates!