Apple Lawsuit Loot Boxes

Lawsuit Against Apple for Allowing Loot Boxes

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Apple was hit by a new class action lawsuit on Friday to counter loot boxes in games and applications. Usually, it consists of in-app transactions providing instant digital bonuses to buyers. It is stated that Apple relies on such addictive behaviours in kids to generate huge profits.

First reported by AppleInsider states that the lawsuit states that Apple is profiting off from applications that have loot boxes with gambling elements. This allegedly violates law in California state

What are 'Loot Boxes' ?

‘Loot boxes’ is described as products in games that are purchased with real money and can be redeemed as an unknown value for random in-game rewards. However, it was states that companies’ implying these boxes must disclose the ‘odds of winning’ in order to not cheat the customers. For kid-friendly applications, there should be appropriate age restrictions.

Apple Lawsuit Loot Boxes

Rebecca Taylor, a parent, believed her child was “manipulated” due to these loot-boxes. The case was then filed. There are loot boxes in many popular child-friendly games such as the FIFA & Mario Kart Tour. This lawsuit has bought up an ongoing long-term debate about ‘Loot Boxes’.

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