Apple Stops Updates in China Appstore Games

Updates For Appstore Games Stopped In China

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Tech giant Apple has stopped updates of thousands of iPhone via Appstore. According to The Financial Times, the firm seems to have taken this step as it struggles to comply with local regulations by the Chinese government.

The Chinese Apple App Store is the largest generator of revenue for the company. China is, in fact, Apple ‘s largest App Store market, with approximately $16.4billion annually, the report says, citing Sensor Tower data.

Updates For Appstore Games Stopped In China

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But Apple pressed the developers for game licenses in February and asked them to present evidence by June 30. The technology giant revealed that games without a license would not see potential updates. In the report, new developments are due to the recent pressure from the Chinese government on Apple because of US-China tensions. Owing to the trade war between the two nations, Apple saw its share of ups and downs. The study adds that other app stores, including those of Xiaomi and Huawei domestic brands, operating in China have received their licenses faster than Apple.

According to AppinChina figures cited by the FT, there are currently around 60,000 smartphone games hosted in the China App Store paid for or purchased in-app. However, since 2010, Chinese regulators have only issued only slightly over 43,000 licenses, although just 1,570 have been released in 2019. Consequently, thousands of games do not conform to the new regulations.


Source: CNBC
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