SPYDER Now Available on Apple Arcade

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This adventure-puzzler game is created by Sumo Digital’s Ltd. It is available for iPhone, iPad OS, MacOS and Apple TV OS. It has an amazing story-play where you play the role of a tiny spider called as Agent 8 on Earth with a real force to be dealt with.

SPYDER Now Available on Apple Arcade NEW

Spyder games is set in a retro universe and consist of a robotic spider who becomes a spy in the British Spy Agency. It uses robot gadgets, and make players solve puzzles and explore environments to save the world. Here as a robotic spider you have the capability to walk and move like a real spider and carry out operations in outer space.


Here is the first look of this new game

Players can get this game from the App Store at $4.99 per month cost. This is a perfect family game to try it during World-wide lockdown.