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Experience Space Rider- The Latest Hyper-Casual Game

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Have you played Space Rider yet? There is something genuinely splendid about this latest hyper-casual game ‘Space Rider’ from Spawn Point Gaming. The game features wonderful game environments accompanied by magnificent spaceships. To the people who have still not tried this fun game, they should really go for it.


The gameplay of Space Rider is simple and insanely fun, players find an array of spaceships showdown and intuitive in-game music. The only goal of the rider is to survive the obstacles and collect blitzrs along the way towards an infinite riding journey.

Explore Space Rider Official Trailer here:

There are numerous obstacles in the environment ready to obstruct players from moving forward. Players very keenly and smartly need to collect colourful blitzrs to raise to the top of the leaderboard. The addictive gameplay of the game pushes players to trail along with the maps.


Here are a few tips to master the game:

  • Collect blitzrs as much as you can to raise your score.
  • Power-up your riding journey by carefully surviving obstacles.
  • Choose a powerful spaceship to ace your journey
  • Master different game environments (Forest, Lava, Desert, and Snow)
  • Travel far and go crazy!


Check out this free-to-play game title from the Google Play Store now. To get the latest update and news of the game, click here to join the Discord channel. The game has also crossed the 5000+ downloads milestone just after 20 days of the release.


You’re never alone when you travel with Space Rider: Just select a spaceship and get ready for an infinite journey.


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