Netflix Teases Its Live Action Resident Evil Series Set To Arrive In 2022- Header

Netflix Teases Its Live Action Resident Evil Series Set To Arrive In 2022

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Netflix is all set for its live action Resident Evil series.

Reactions to Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City have been flooding the Internet. And while the movie is, as of now, available only in the USA (it will remain available in other regions up to December 3, 2021), the reactions are, to say the least, quite polarizing.

And now, while the newly released movie still remains unavailable to the rest of the world, except the USA, Netflix has decided it is now time to promote its live action series based on the Resident Evil series.

The streaming giant took to the photo and video sharing social media platform, Instagram, to share the title and captioned the images with a simple, “Coming soon”. In addition to that, they shared an up close image of a dog, captioned, “A better today. A brighter tomorrow”.

Netflix Teases Upcoming Live Action Resident Evil Series On Instagram

Netflix Teases Its Live Action Resident Evil Series Set To Arrive In 2022- Inner

The opinions about this new live action Resident Evil series on Netflix remains divided with most dreading this new series and speculating on how it is going to turn out to be.

In case you did not know about this live action series yet, this Netflix series will be a brand new series and will be completely unrelated to the Anderson films as well as Welcome To Raccoon City or Infinite Darkness.

This new series is expected to be releasing sometime next year and will be starring Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker. Set twenty five years after the original outbreak, it will follow Wesker’s two daughters Jade and Billy Wesker as they uncover their father’s history with the Umbrella Corporation, New Raccoon City.

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Source: Instagram

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