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Upcoming Chapter of ‘Rainbow Six’ Franchise Renamed by Developers !

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Previously named as Rainbow Six Quarantine, developers have renamed the upcoming chapter as

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction. The game is also set to feature in upcoming Ubisoft’s E3 Event named ‘Ubisoft Forward’ which is to be held on June 12. The next chapter in this franchise was revealed during E3 event back in 2019.

After it’s reveal, the world was stuck by Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Thus, the game’s release was delayed and at this point developers considered changing the game’s name.
Antoine Vimal du Monteil (Producer) said, Since announcement the game has grown a lot, as it evolved the heart of the experience became clearer and clearer. Operators uniting for a common enemy, learning about the parasite, how to overcome it and protecting each other every step of the way”.

You’ll have plenty of different challenges to overcome, but will always have one goal in mind: Making sure no one gets left behind. It will be up to your and your squad to decide when to push forward, or when to extract. As you will soon discover, Extraction is truly the name of the game “, said Patrick Methe (Creative Director).

Watch Rainbow Six Quarantine: First Gameplay Here!

More details and insights will be release in Ubisoft Forward so stay tuned to Spawn-Point News for updates.


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