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Video Game Digital Events (Nov 2020)

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The Video Game Digital Events of 2020 have found a replacement for the physical event and are moving all digital because of pandemic issues. The organizers are trying hard to fill that breach between the physical and virtual events through the latest technology and preserving the essence of its renowned format.


As the situation is evolving considering the health & safety measures, the video game industry events are ready to show their presence through digital media.

List of Video Game Digital Events (November 2020)

From live videos to live streaming, companies, and organizations are staging digital events across the web. So, are you ready to experience virtual events this time?

1. Develop: Brighton 2020 (November 2-4)

DevGamm 2020

The Develop: Brighton 2020 Conference event is going to be a virtual event this time that brings the Game Development community together under a single roof. This virtual event will cover game industry leaders to indie game developers and more.


The event will showcase insights and information from game industry leaders and also make aware of the latest trends, tools, and technology for the bright future in the gaming industry.



2. DevGAMM 2020 (November 9-20)

DevGAMM 2020

The DevGamm 2020 Event will be a two-week virtual event. The whole event is divided into two parts:

  • Game Development
  • Networking & Business in the Game Industry

The event will cover gaming sessions, workshops, speeches from game industry leaders, round table discussions, game streaming, and more. The program will also feature special DevGAMM Awards.



3. MEGAMIGS 2020 (November 12-13)


MEGAMIGS 2020 is the premier video game conference in Canada that brings together professionals from the game industry and gamers around the world. The MEGA+MIGS team is working hard to plan an edition this year that will live up to the demands of the game industry.


The event includes a round table or panel discussions among game industry professionals, a virtual game showroom, and more.



4. Gaming Virtual Expo 2020 (November 13-16)

Gaming Virtual Expo

Gaming Virtual Expo (GVE) 2020 is a 3-day long event that is attended by the professionals of the video game and software industry. GVE provides a great platform for game developers, publishers through the virtual exhibition to introduce their upcoming game titles to the audience worldwide. This event is hosted by Virtual Gaming Championships (VGC).


Explore Gaming Virtual Expo 2020 Trailer here:

5. Gamerome 2020 (November 18- 20)

Gamerome 2020

The Gamerome 2020 event is a 2-day event dedicated to game developers and individuals who love video games. The event covers some leading game companies, indie developers and covers the usual meet and greet event followed by announcement and streaming of upcoming game titles.



6. Nordic Games (November 25-27)

Nordic Games 2020

The Nordic Game 2020 Event is held every year, the event covers the best speakers from the global game industry, information about game exhibitors and professionals. This event also provides a networking opportunity to people associated with games and discuss the upcoming game titles, tool, and technology.



7. ESI New York (November 30th-December 1st)

ESI New York

ESI New York 2020 event is a program centered around video games and esports. The program will cover 50+ leading industry speakers, different workshops, panel sessions, and workshops. It also provides great networking opportunities among industry professionals.



More Video Game Digital Events are on the way and how exactly each company will turn their digital event remains to be seen. Tell us in the comment section, which gaming event are you excited about the most.