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Video Game Events, 2020

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In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, and need for social distance practices multiple Video Game Events, 2020 are taking place over the digital platforms. To keep up with the pace organizers are also leveling up to meet the gamer’s excitement by bringing the same game culture via digital events.

Here is the list of Video Game Events, 2020 for July

1. Nacon Connect (7th July)

Nacon Connect

Nacon Connect is the first digital event by European publisher Nacon that will take place on 7th July at 10 AM PST. The event will focus on Werewolf: The Apocalypse- Earthblood. The publishers will also hold gameplay presentations and announce upcoming games for this year.


Join NACON’s CHANNEL to watch live streaming of the event.

2. Ubisoft Forward (12th July)

ubisoft 2020

It is the debut digital event called Ubisoft Forward which will host on 12th July. The event will showcase exclusive games, the upcoming game reveals of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Gods & Monsters, and much more.

Watch this event on its official Twitch Channel.

3. Stadia Connect (14th July)

Stadia Connect

Google will host this event on 14th July 2020 at 10:20 PM IST to spell cool upcoming game titles, ports, and promising features for the platform. Orcs Must Die 3 is one such game ready for the event, more games are yet to be disclosed.

The event will be streamed on the official Google Stadia YouTube channel and Summer Game Fest website.

4. Summer Game Fest ‘Day of the dev.’ (20th July)

Day 2020

Day of the Devs and Geoff Keighley will bring up its 2nd event on 20th July giving an opportunity to indie developers to come up with game titles. The show focuses on upcoming games revelation, gameplay previews, and musical performances.

Join this event on Twitch, and YouTube.

5. Devolver Direct 2020 (Mid-July)

Devolver Direct

Devolver Direct 2020 will host their event in mid-July with some game updates, reveal information of upcoming games, and their release dates with gameplay videos.

list of Previous Video Game Events, 2020 for June

1. Steam Game Festival Summer Edition (16th-22nd June)

Video Game Events, 2020

Steam Game Festival is the popular industry game industry event. This game show will focus on the short demos of upcoming games, gameplay preview, and networking sessions with developers. The event will take place on the Steam Platform.

2. EA Play Live ( 18th June)

02 June

The popular game publisher Electronic Arts will host EA Play Live by showcasing a bundle of games and trailers of upcoming games. Viewers can tune in to this game show via the official Twitch Channel of Electronic Arts.

3. DGC Live (21st – 23rd June)

03 June

Digital Games Conference Dubai, comes with the online event ‘DCG Live’. This game industry event is the main center for the MEA (the Middle East & Africa) video game industry. The game show will be hosted live from its official DGC games website.

4. ‘Day of the Devs’ Developer Showcase (22nd June)

04 June

The makers will host this game event in two segments, one on June 22 and the other on July 20. The Game Awards, Double Fine productions are the organizers behind this event.

Both events will live stream the upcoming games of indie and triple-A developers. The special event includes Gameplay stories and musical performances. It will broadcast via the official Twitch Channel of the Game Awards.

5. New Game Plus Expo (23rd June)

video game events, 2020

New Game Plus Expo (NGPX) will host a packed format of series to display upcoming games from puzzle games to action-thriller and storytelling. The publishers and developers involved are Sega, Grasshopper, Atlus, GungHo, Arc System Works, SNK, NIS America, etc.


The expo will focus on the developers and publishers of Japan and will be telecast via the official Twitch Channel of the New Game Plus Expo.

6. Marvel’s Avengers War Stream (24th June)

06 June

If you’re a Marvel fan, then you’re in for the action.  The event centers on Marvel’s Avengers, the forthcoming superhero video game.


The game creators, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics will focus on offering gameplay trailers, story-playing, and revealing missions. Viewers can tune in to this event on the official Twitch Channel of Square Enix’s.

7. Night City Wire (25th June)

game event

CD Projekt Red will live stream a mini-event for its highly anticipated upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077. It will showcase the game reveals, news, and more. This game event will be available via the official Twitch Channel of CD Projekt Red’s.

Other than these events there are also several other live streams, and game shows running to fill the vacuum of in-person shows.


Above all, video game events are the place where technology, innovation, and commercial potential come together.


These video game events, 2020 cover from all over the world and are focused to share insights, experiences, and gather the culture of the game industry.



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