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All About The Game Awards 2020

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The Game Awards 2020 Event was dusted live from three studios in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and London. The event was hosted by Geoff Keighley which featured big winners of the game, revealed exclusive looks of new games, etc. However, the award event was fully swept away by the Last of Us Part 2 as the game was successful to get six-game awards including the most important ‘Game of the Year’ award. The game managed to get awards for Best Audio Design, Best Narrative, Best Action-Adventure Game, Best Direction, Innovative Award.

The Game Awards 2020 Highlight :

Explore Last of Us Part 2 Trailer here:

Other game titles that have given the tough competition and managed to get awards were Among Us, Final Fantasy 7, Ghost of Tsushima, Supergiant’s Hades. The Game Awards 2020 also honored three popular citizens associated with gaming- Dr. Jennifer Hazel from CheckPoint, Dr. Adam Gazzaley from Akiki Interactive, and Latinx organization. The event also applauded 50 individuals as the future of video games.



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