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Amazon Ends Development of Crucible- First Major Game Title

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Amazon has announced that its free-to-play, multiplayer shooter big-budget game titled Crucible is shutting down from the development phase and servers and the company will no longer invest in the game launch. The CRUCIBLE Game Team has officially released a statement giving out the update on this.

Why Amazon Ended Game Development of Crucible?

The game was launched in May 2020 and seen 25k+ concurrent players around the launch. The game also received harsh and negative critic reviews from players and experts. However, in July, Amazon got player’s feedback about the game through a Closed Beta test and improved the gameplay of the game heavily.


But after evaluating the game for a while the company has dropped off the game and discontinue the development of the game. As the team unveiled that they do not see a healthy future of this game.

Amazon will provide complete refunds and will disable match-making in the coming weeks and close custom servers on November 9, 2020.


Earlier, other game titles like Breakaway in 2018, etc have been dropped during the game development stage. The company now announces it will focus only on its upcoming ‘New World’ MMO game title, which is earlier scheduled to be launched in August but has now has rescheduled to 2021, respectively.


For more information about the refund for any purchase made, you can visit the support page of Amazon games. Stay tuned with us for more game spills and updates.


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