Apple Threatens the Epic Games

Apple Threatens the Epic Games to Revoke Developer Account

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Apple threatens the Epic Games to revoke developer account and pull off all development tools of iOS and Mac from Epic Games. This step was taken by Apple following a legal conflict running between the two companies. The Epic Games official account tweeted about this issue that stated that the company has filed a petition to restrain Apple from pulling off its access on all development tools.

Apple has planned to pull off the development access from August 28th. However, the petition filed by Epic Games states that this action of Apple will cause huge harm to the Epic Games Company eventually losing access to create apps on Unreal.

Why Apple Threatens the Epic Games?

The issue was started a week before when Apple and Google Pulled Off Fortnite from their Stores! as the game violated the 30% revenue policy. The two giants Apple and Google receives 30 percent commission when any purchase is done through their respective app stores. The epic Games in return filed a lawsuit complaining about the revenue cuts of both the Google and iOS stores and requested proper action in benefit to all developers.

However, both Google and Apple claimed that they can’t change their guidelines and policies for Epic Games and are open to discussions. The company added that Epic is one of the majorly successful companies with the billion-dollar business but we can’t put their revenue benefits ahead of our policies.


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