Digital Janitors-Spawn Point

Digital Janitors Wins at Game Development World Championship!

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Digital Janitors which is currently in the development phase for the PC version has won the Game Development Championship in the Fan Favourite category for the Retro Gaming Week. Now the title will move on to the final round of the event at the GDWC 2020 season.

Watch Digital Janitors Trailer here:

Digital Janitors is an old-school PC-style desktop security title. A hacker took over the network of your employers, sent malicious files and malware on every device in your business. Here players play the role of IT Administrator in Merter Business where you need to go into every machine to remove the virus to defeat the hacker.


Digital Janitors-Spawn Point

The other runners up winner are:

  • R.M- Absolutely Reliable Machine (South Korea)
  • Abacus (UK)


 The Janitors has given tough competition to other nominees that include;

  • Cold Shell (Russia)
  • Foregone (Canada)
  • Fridger (USA)



Also read the update on the upcoming adventure game-The Darkest Tales here!

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