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Epic Games File a Motion to Stop Apple Against Fortnite

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Recently, on September 4th, the Epic Games file a motion to stop Apple against Fortnite. The powerful tech giants are fighting with each other for Apple’s high-cost reduction for developers. Epic calls for action against to stop Apple from its unlawful limitations while the antitrust case is proceeding in the court.

Epic Games Against the Two Tech Giants- Apple & Google

It all started when Apple and Google Pulled off Fortnite from their respective stores in last month for violating the policy of in-app purchases in games. In response to which the Epic Games have filed an antitrust lawsuit against both companies. After that, Apple has also threatened the Epic Games to Revoke Developer Account. Epic references the activity of Apple, undermining the Unreal Engine Developer Accounts by its unlawful actions.


It is interesting to note that Google is playing all safe by letting Apple go all alone against Epic Games and get the legal response in return. As it is both a win-win situation for Google that if Apple succeeds/loses the case against Epic then the result will help Google to take further action based on the final outcome.


However, the final motion will come before the court on 28th September. Stay tuned for more gaming updates here!

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