Epic Games vs Apple Trial Set

Epic Games vs Apple Trial Set to Commence for May 2021

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According to the latest report, Epic Games vs Apple Trial Set will begin May 2021. Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, U.S. District Judge, set the date of trial for Epic vs Apple last week. The trial will start from the first week of May. Last week, the two parties have decided that judge can rule the case preventing a trial led by jury.

All About Epic Games vs Apple Trial Set:

The case will be considered as a bench trial, where no panel of jury will be available and will begin from 3 May 2021. However, the court needs to determine whether the hearing of Epic Games vs Apple Trial Set will be held in person or virtually because of the latest pandemic.


The dispute between both the giants started when Epic Games initially filed a lawsuit against App Store for removing Fortnite from the App Store. This action was initiated by Apple as the Epic Games violated its payment rules.


The Fortnite game is similarly banned from the Google Play Store for violating 30% revenue cut rules. Epic games challenged this rule of cut-off on the apps and filed an antitrust lawsuit against the two giants- Apple and Google. However, Google has requested the court to keep Apple vs Epic Games separate from its own.



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