Luna Amazon Cloud Gaming Service

Luna Amazon Cloud Gaming Service Launches in Early Access

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The Luna Amazon Cloud Gaming Service has launched in early access recently. This early access feature is only available to US customers where they will also be able to test and purchase the game controller of Amazon. Only selected individuals will be able to access Luna amazon Cloud Gaming Service across various platforms.

Luna Amazon Cloud Gaming Service!

Amazon has begun a cloud-playing service that operates on PCs, Fire TVs, and even iOS on top of Amazon Web Services. A Luna Plus channel has a range of selected games and some of them are available on Amazon with publisher Ubisoft. It is connected directly to the cloud and not the local computer with a custom $50.

Luna Amazon Cloud Gaming Service

According to the title, up to 4K/60fps video can be enabled and gamers can play simultaneously on two computers. For the highest resolution, players would need lots of bandwidths. Amazon says Luna would need a minimum of 10 Mbps, but if you wish for 4 K, then you must have 35 Mbps.


The users are required to subscribe to the game channel of Luna Plus for $5.99 that provides 50 games for a month. In the early access phase, players will get Luna Plus free for 7 days but thereafter users need to purchase the subscription.