Mobile Premier League-Spawn Point

Mobile Premier League Raises $90 Million

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The Indian gaming platform, Mobile Premier League has raised $90 million recently. Now, the total investment of MPL is stated to $130.5 million which is several times greater than the previously raised $35.5 million last year.


The aim of MPL fundraise is to expand its gaming market to multiple international neighboring grounds such as the US, Japan, Korea based on innovative content creation and live streaming. MPL was created in September 2018 and since then it is the most popular gaming platform in Asia. The sponsors who have invested are SIG, VC Pegasus Tech, RTP Global, MDI Ventures, Go Ventures, and more.

Mobile Premier League-Spawn Point

Mobile Premier League- What’s the hype?

Mobile Premier League is a multi-player platform that allows players to combat each other for actual money in online mobile gaming. It contains many sports fantasy games, particularly cricket games. It offers over 70 real-world games, including fantasy football, rum, poker, chess, 3D pool, ludo, and carom. About 15-25% of its market is focused on the offline sporting event season.


It has over 60 million users who have transacted about two billion in cash and released over 70 games in 28 studios so far. From March to the present time, the COVID-19 pandemic showed a rise in MPL up to 400 percent.


Even in the extreme environment like the COVID-19 pandemic, this business has grown exponentially high claiming its market state to four times and recorded over 2 billion transactions. The success of MPL is continuing to grow giving unique and more personalized experiences to users.



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