PUBG Corp Merging

PUBG Corp Merging with Parent Company- Krafton

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Krafton has confirmed that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds creators, PUBG Corp merging with the parent organization, Krafton, to cooperate more efficiently in the future. Krafton Inc is an organization under the wings for both PUBG and TERA. The devs of the former have now been revealed as part of the broader firm as far as publication and funding are concerned.


According to the statement issued by the officials- PUBG Corp Merging with Parent Company- Krafton will bring a wider vision to act as an independent studio system which will enable development teams to create leading gameplaying experiences.


The official announcement has been done in the case but merging is expected to happen at the end of 2020. As soon as this will be done the company will show additional and internal support to PUBG. The merging will allow Krafton to concentrate on its best part i.e. game development that follows sustained growth and advancement in specific genres of games.


In 2017, Krafton (then Bluehole) founded the PUBG Corp. The parent company has formed an agency to handle all the production, publishing, and global market opportunities associated with the game, following the spectacular success of PlayerUnknowns Battlefields, saying the arrangement requires us to be wise as we look at growing strategic business opportunities like the product opportunity and the growth of PUBG.


For more information about PUBG game follow their   twitter channel.



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