Black Lives Matter Theme for PS4

Sony Releases Black Lives Matter Theme for PS4

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Sony has come up with a new way to support the ongoing #BlackLivesMatter by releasing a new static theme called Black Lives Matter Theme for PS4 on the PlayStation Store. This theme is currently available for free on PlayStation Store which showcases a fist surrounded by black wallpaper and is outlined by yellow color. The theme also displays the hashtag of ‘BLM’ as per the ongoing campaign.

How to download the Black Lives Matter Theme for PS4?

  • Give a more human touch to your PlayStation 4 device by showing respect for the Black Lives Matter Movement.
  • Download the theme for free on PS Store and create a whole new appearance on your computer, adjusting the backdrop, colors, and icons with your favorite game and style.

Earlier also the company has shown support for the ‘BLM’ campaign through several tweets and by postponing the PS5 event, and more. Sony has always aimed for solidarity and stands firmly against racial inequalities not only within the game industry but also in every section of society.


They are specific to bring a meaningful change through donations to charities and stand with the entire black community of black creators, employees, players, families, and friends against injustice and cruelty. And now they begin the Black Lives Matter Theme for PS4.


Other gaming companies like Nintendo, Epic Games, Microsoft, Valve, EA, Ubisoft, Activision, Square Enix, Riot Games, Warner Bros, Bungie, Rockstar Games, Capcom, etc have also come forward and spoken for the black community.


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