Features of PS5- Spawn-Point

Sony Reveals Accessibility Features of PS5

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In recent years, Sony has made a lot of effort to concentrate on usability functionality for players and now has come up with far more improvements on the PlayStation 5 than on PlayStation 4. The company has disclosed many usability tools and Features of PS5. 

Accessibility Features of PS5:

  • Voice dictation feature
  • Screen Reader to hear text appearing on-screen.
  • Multiple Language support
  • Color customization
  • Enhanced audio quality
  • DualSense wireless controller

Sony announced that through the release of New Features of PS5 it wanted all players to access gaming a lot more. This approach improving the user interface to console encourages players who require help at a certain stage or a certain difficulty to take a step forward and recommend developers. The games using this improved user-interface technology will be much simpler for any player to play on.



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