Twitch Announces GlitchCon- A Digital Event For 2020!

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Twitch has officially announced an upcoming annual event for 2020. The digital event is called GlitchCon that will take place TwitchCon on November 14th. This initiative was taken in response to the ongoing pandemic. The announcement was made with a small teaser ad which was interesting!

All About TwitchCon aka GlitchCon:

TwitchCon is the flagship event of the streaming network and its key role is to bring together its various disparate streaming community and fan groups. This online event turns online friends into real-life mates.


The details and information about the event are still not disclosed. However, the event will definitely feature Esports competitions, virtual meet-and-greets with common streamers, cosplay contests, and more. Tune in to Twitch Tv to watch the live stream.



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