Among US had 500 Million Active Users Last Month !

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It is during this pandemic, a lot of games got outshined and were able to create a new set of audience (Or shall we say, gamers). One of those games you must have heard of is ‘Among Us’. Developed by InnerSloth, ‘Among Us’ is one of the highest grossing game this year. Available for free on mobile phones and price on PC / Consoles is around $5, this game created a hype via amazing word of mouth.

Apart from this, Among Us had around 50 million active users past month, given the fact that the game was not available on any consoles at that point of time. SuperData Research said, only 3% on those half a billion players were from PC. Insane isn’t it? And this month, Among Us was released on Nintendo Switch and is planned to release on Xbox One & Series platforms next year.
Given the fact that this game was released 2 years ago and now if defeating big games like Pokémon GO.

Among US had 500 Million Active Users Last Month !

Among US had 500 Million Active Users Last Month

Developers are now working to expand and keep their audience next year as well by adding new content like Airship Map.

Watch Among US – Airship Map Reveal Trailer here!

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