New Hero Ba-Ri & Heilang

New Hero Ba-Ri and Heilang Revealed in Shadow Arena

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Pearl Abyss announced the arrival of the new hero Ba-Ri & Heilang duo in the Shadow Arena. Players now can play this great duo on the battlefield to execute multiple fighting styles.


Ba-Ri was a fallen kingdom princess who fled with Hwisa and Heilang ‘s support from the armed forces. Now with her lifelong friend Heilang, she’s excited to launch her new journey to figure out who she is actually.

New Hero Ba-Ri and Heilang

Watch the first look of New Hero Ba-Ri and Heilang in Shadow Arena:

Players can play a role of special character with a distinct battle pattern due to Celestial Bo Staff and Heilang. Heilang will continue to strike the target even though Ba-Ri is stunned or unable to react. Players will order Heilang to attack enemies or fight while travelling. In addition, players can switch to Heilang’s site directly or have Heilang next to them.


Check out this latest New Hero Ba-Ri and Heilang duo today and simultaneously the Daily Quest Event is also running live until October 8 and players will receive skin tickets when completing the ‘First Solo Match’ quest.



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