Hero Sura in Shadow Arena

New Hero Sura Arrives in Shadow Arena

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Pearl Abyss has recently announced that a New Hero Sura arrives in Shadow Arena game. The recent addition of the Hero Sura will showcase his deadly skills and survive the battles to ensure his glory in Shadow Arena. Sura is a ground-breaking addition to the Shadow Arena roster due to its sleek and dangerous battle style.


The Hero Sura is an agile and skillful character who pays off his defence with pure attack strength and clever battle techniques. The ninja has one special inherent skill called “Sixth Blade: Free-Form” and some exclusive weapons like Sura Katanas, Kunai, and throwing blades, to pin down his rivals and enemies on the one go.

New Hero Sura Arrives in Shadow Arena-Watch the First Look here:

The game has beautifully showcased the art of fast-paced melee combat with melee weapons. Here the characters have the ability to prevent injuries by side-stepping enemy attacks and entertain players. In addition, if Sura successfully pins down an enemy, he can also recover HP.


Now as the Hero Sura Arrives in Shadow Arena, earlier also the creators timely added several new quests and characters in the game like Lahn-the goddess of Vengeance in the game who have the power to attack enemies from a long distance. Players were also given the chance to take part in Time Battle Pass and win rewards and bonuses.

Hero Sura in Shadow Arena

A Weekly Regional Tryout Format is also introduced to the series, which begins from September 7th and lasts for 3 weeks. All players regardless of their position in the game can compete and earn rewards every week. You can tune in to this Weekly Regional Tryout Format live from the official Twitch Channel.

Play this popular battlefield on a PC through Steam and on Console.


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