PUBG Mobile Frost Festival Event- Spawn-Point

PUBG Mobile Frost Festival Event Launched!

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PUBG Mobile Frost Festival game mode drops in PUBG Mobile today. This special content update showcases a fresh winter-themed “Frost Festival” that provides a unique view of popular Erangel’s map which features immersive and explorable locations, snowy monuments, themed changes, and more. This new update is available to explore via both the App Store and Google Play Store.


Three frost castles are scattered predictably on the Erangel map at the latest “Frost Festival,” where players can be raided for favorable supplies. The snow zones deliver a unique transition experience.

Explore PUBG Mobile Frost Festival here:

Festive Features Added in PUBG Mobile Frost Festival:

  • A rideable Snowboards for all players
  • Themed decoration
  • Updated flare gun
  • New events soon to arrive for all PUBG community.


Explore the Frost Festival by selecting Erangel mode in the game via the main menu as the new mode is only available for a limited time. Download the game all for free on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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