Samsung’s Odyssey Gaming Monitors Unveiled

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Samsung has recently revealed its latest Odyssey G7 & G9 Gaming Monitors. Pushing the boundaries, going beyond limits and break-through innovation are few of the other reasons why Samsung is the global leader in gaming monitors. 

We are talking about the latest gaming monitor unveiled by Samsung, Odyssey G9 & G7. With screen size starting from 32’’ and taking it all the way up to 49’’. A curvature of 1000R that wraps around the user for better visuals. Both models have a unique design and with few changes in both the models. Samsung Odyssey loaded with 240Hz refresh rate which helps creating ultra-smooth screen transitions. Samsung Odyssey also supports NVDIA G-Sync® and Adaptable Sync on DisplayPort that ensures seamless gameplay.

This QLED Curved design and technology has us wondering what could be better in a gaming monitor. The sale of Samsung Odyssey monitors starts from July 13th on and other selected online retailers only. You can also pre-order here.

Below are the product details of Odyssey Models.

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