The Last of Us Remastered Update

The Last of Us Remastered Update Reduced Load Times

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The new consoles are just a couple of weeks away, with loading times for PS5 and Xbox Series X much quicker. However, following The Last of Us Remastered Update on PS4, you don’t need to have a new console to witness amazing load speeds. Now just 14 seconds are needed to load the game from a save. It took about two minutes before the update.

Check out The Last of Us Remastered Update Tweet Below:

This update was released on Saturday (24 October) called Patch 1.11. It looks like the fix has increased impressively the load times of the PS4. The update “made it that loading screens are practically non-existent on PS4, according to Twitter user Anthony Calabrese, who is also a TLOU speedrunner. This holds for SSD as well as HDD.

Check out The Last of Us Remastered Update Comparison Video here:

Another YouTuber ELAnalistaDeBits recently uploaded a video of the game comparing the load times before the update and after the update released. Earlier the game took 90 seconds and now it’s 14 seconds.



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