World of Warships Legends

World of Warships Legends 1st Anniversary Update

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World of Warships Legends was officially released last year in August 2019 on Xbox One and PS4, and now the makers have released its 1st-anniversary update in response to it. This game has successfully taken naval warfare to the next level. Now the creators are releasing an update based on a new campaign, rare commanders, French destroyers, and more.


The new campaign is titled ‘Valhalla Rising’ which features Tier VII Premium German battles with massive guns and weapons. This campaign comprises of 100 missions and challenges projected for 5 weeks.

Check World of Warships Legends Update Trailer here:

Warship Legends also has a new birthday project which will reward players through the past year’s updates. There will be weekly missions which when winning gives players access to equipment and commanders.

World of Warships Legends

The recent update will also bring three new maps, premium planes and command wheel with ship horns. US Navy Light Cruisers are also among others that will exit in early access.


Are you ready to celebrate World of Warships: Legends 1st anniversary?


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