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Need For Speed: Heat | Game Review

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Game Name: Need For Speed: Heat aka NFS: Heat


Developer: Ghost Games


Publisher: Electronic Arts


Genre: Racing game


Platform: Windows (Steam and Origin), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One


Rating: 4/5

INTRODUCTION of Need For Speed: Heat

Need for Speed Heat aka NFS: Heat is a racing video game developed for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by Ghost Games and published by Electronic Arts. This is the 24th release in the Need for Speed series and marks the 25th anniversary of the series. The release took place on 8 November 2019. Critics gave the game a mixed review.


Ghost Games listened to what the community wanted during NFS 2015 and Payback, and this time, delivered in almost every area. What they did was took some elements from NFS 2015, Payback and added to this game and made many modifications to enhance the overall gameplay and graphics.

Need For Speed-HEAT-Spawn-Point


Need for Speed Heat is a fresh racing game released into the surrounding atmosphere named Palm City, a surreal model of Miami, Florida.


The map shown on the game includes a range of geographic locations, such as mountainous areas and open terrain. The game doesn’t include a day-night cycle of 24 hours like NFS: Payback, instead, players have the option to choose between day and night.


During the day, players can take part in reliable competitions to win cash to buy new cars and upgrades by players. You can also engage in running illegally on streets at night that reward REP (REPUTATION) to players. The more REP player receives, the more violent the police would be during the night.


GRAPHICS IS A TREMENDOUS BENEFIT AND ADDS VALUE TO THE GAME. The game appears to be great and beautiful rather than dark and bland like the previous series. The color of the game is more vivid, and the detailing is outstanding. We can see much more detailed, impressive particles, visual effects, textures in the game. However, it may annoy some people because it takes a lot of resources from your machine, making the game run poorly. The game is working great for me personally. I’ve got a GTX 1070Ti, ran the game with maxed out settings and it still runs smoothly. I’ve haven’t experienced glitches or lags throughout the gameplay.


If you want the THRILL OF BEING CHASED, this is the game for you. The police would pursue you wherever you go as they’re absolutely furious to take you down. They’re like your boyfriends/ girlfriends as they will never let you go out of sight. Yet, if you don’t enjoy cop chase or car racing much, don’t get it, or you will smash more controllers than you had (if any).


While the STORYLINE is not written poorly, it is quite short and predictable. You have only 4 to 5 story line missions, which you can do quite quickly when you have the right car. In about 4 hours, you can finish the story mode.


MODIFICATION is much better, since more resources are available. Cosmetics and equipment are not related, so you can put whatever you want in your car without worrying that the accessories compromising with the status of your car. The cars are adapted accordingly in a wide variety of ways; quite the same as the 2015 NFS version. You can also choose your characters’ outfits and customize them.


If you’re looking for a game with tuning and modification features such as Forza games, this game isn’t close. This game is more of an arcade racing game, which made almost all aspects of car tuning more enjoyable. In particular, you select the gears that give you the best stats and are appropriate for your style of play. The only good thing is that you have to pick from many different engines. But when you swap to the other one, you basically use the same gear to upgrade it which just gives a boost to the stats of your car.


While the tuning is not really detailed, it concentrates more and returns to the root of the NFS. I ‘d say that if you liked the old 2015 edition of NFS then you would like this game as well. This time around, the way in which you earned the parts makes it much more enjoyable and enriching. Moreover, getting gears is not similar to the NFS: Payback which is a plus for me, as you do not have to open loot boxes.

Need For Speed-HEAT-Spawn-Point


  • Amazing visuals – You’d want to keep driving all over palm city. Oh, the night view! Just Wow!


  • Excellent Car Selection – Variety of awesome cars to choose from.


  • The new handling feels exciting and refreshing.


  • Nice drops after finding all graffiti, hitting all speed traps and finishing the game


  • The soundtrack raises the game further; it always matches the situations and conveys emotions.


  • Enemies and bosses are exciting, from a large number of stormtroopers to facing Sith lords in fierce duels.


  • Ability to make your car exactly as you like.


  • NFS Heat Studio- Dope concept. You can customize your car on the fly and when you return home, eventually your car would have been modified with those settings.
Need For Speed-HEAT-Spawn-Point


  • The map needs more traffic and people. You do not see any people or 2-wheelers in the game.


  • Cops get too aggressive too fast.


  • The story is decent but ends too quickly.


  • Feeling of originality is missing as it takes elements from many types of games and combines them.

Worth Playing: If you are a NFS series Fan, then you wouldn’t care for my opinion. I wouldn’t care about my review as well if I was an NFS Fan (Well, I am) If not, I will say that it is an amazing game. You should definitely try it and feel the awesome graphics of day and night. Also, the cops chase and racing is just too awesome to miss.

Need For Speed-HEAT-Spawn-Point


I would conclude the game as how amazing it is. Besides the storyline, there is nothing that I am not impressed with. The story is short but has a decent content. You would not feel cheated after buying this game from EA (unlike the ones using loot boxes and in-game currency), EA has really made an amazing game with collaboration with Ghost Games.

You can buy the game here:

Steam | Origin | PS4 | XBox One

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