Shadow of Naught

Shadow of Naught Game Review

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Shadow of Naught is a three-character interactive story named Martin, Andrew, and Anna. You must take part in their life problems and your choices must encourage you to explore multiple layers of the story. In this way you experience the pleasure of playing music, chat fiction, widening dialogues, and various mini-games.


Developer: FredBear Games Ltd.



Genre: Interactive Story

Available at: Android & iOS

Release Date: TBD

Shadow of Naught games

Gameplay of Shadow of Naught:

The game offers you a brand-new storytelling experience. The parts of the story are shown in stylish interactive posters which allows you play the game, find your way, involve yourself in the lives of the characters, and solve puzzles of them. You will learn more about your options or just get to the end by your decisions.

There are a lot of typos on the game. E.g. It says we can play 3 levels for free at the start but we can play only 2. This set me off but the play store description already states that we can play only 2 levels for free. But considering that the game is still being polished and is still under development to create a final build, I must say, the art style and the narrative are very good.

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Awards Won:

You might be surprised that this game has won 6 awards and currently nominated for the 7th as well.

The awards and nominations are:

  • Grand Prix: IMGA MENA
  • Best Meaningful Play: IMGA MENA
  • Excellence in Storytelling: IMGA MENA
  • Best Upcoming Game: IMGA MENA
  • Nominee: IMGA GLOBAL
  • Colossal Leap Award: ADVENTUREJAM

Features of Shadow of Naught Game:

Multilayer story:

Explore a rich narrative and get into a personal life deeply with each player.


Innovative art style:

 A clean and visually appealing artcstyle helps to enhance the experience of every individual.



Several mini-games are added to keep the game sweet and engaging, such as Piano Tiles, Hidden Objects Finding, Branching Conversations, taking screenshots, and many more…


Every story has secrets:

Reveal the story in more detail when you pick different answers. Find out more about and consider each character’s feelings.

Screenshot feature within the game:

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  • Different kind of dive with the storyline
  • Unique Art Style
  • Inclusion of mini-games and secrets
  • Ability to take a screenshot of the posters and crop them within the game itself
  • Not to expensive


  • Lots of bugs and typos
  • Not optimized for higher-end screen sizes
  • Less of a con and more of sadness due to short storyline
  • Only 1 language available i.e. English

Overall, Shadow of Naught game looks promising and entertaining! Considering that the game is still under development and has a long way to go, the game looks like it has potential and could be a huge hit due to its uniqueness in interactive story guided game. I was very pleased by playing a completely different kind of game after a while and it was worth giving it a try.


In-App Purchase: Only one purchase for Full Version (Rs. 90 or $ 1.19)

Worth Playing: Definitely


Good Luck and Godspeed FredBear Games Ltd. Team!