Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order | Game Review

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is Respawn Entertainment’s third-person action-adventure title. It follows Cal Kestis ‘s story, a Jedi who survived Order 66 by hiding as a scrap worker on a planet. Fallen Order contains elements in the action category from several subgenres and incorporates them to further increase its gameplay. From lightsaber fighting to climbing and corpse-like bosses, the game takes a bit of each of the best titles, but not so much as to obscure the identity of the mechanics, thereby creating its own identity.


Developer: Respawn Entertainment


Publisher: Electronic Arts


Genre: Action-adventure game


Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One


Rating: 4.5/5


GAMEPLAY of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

The battle Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is simple but it’s fun too. It has massive layers in it that can at first appear rather hazy. However, they are the developer’s intelligent choices. Cal Kestis has the physical combat access to his lightsaber and the ability to unlock his powers. The techniques of Lightsaber can vary from raising it to the enemy before or throwing them to the enemy before they return. Various combos and forms, while the force can vary from bouncing back grenades to enemies, pulling force, slowing enemies, and much more.


Also, the platform aspect of fallen order is a successful design decision yet again. The map contains many ways to achieve an objective. For example, you can reach the next goal, die, take a different route, and eventually reach the same purpose. What is great about this is that when it comes to traveling and exploring, these paths are quite different. Even as far as planets are concerned, you can visit areas in the order you want, or discover secret sites that you can always visit later.



It takes on elements of games such as Zelda, Metroid, Uncharted, Dark Souls. It incorporates mechanics from Cal Kestis to make them innovative. Puzzles and exploration are restricted until you unlock new capabilities, which require the use of the force to expand your reach. The level design approach and finally combat that mixes dodging, parrying, thoughtful use of strength, and lightsaber battle.


It is thrilling to visit previous planets and find that you can now follow the previously blocked path. Enemies are added at locations, and side things like collectibles or hidden ways are explored. Enemies have a defense meter like a sort of shield, and they can’t damage it until the player does not discharge it. The fight is focused on how the player reacts to the attacks of the enemy and their groups. Everyone has unblocked attacks, and bosses with aggressive powers and dynamic movements are brutal.



  • Level design with an appropriate amount of discovery.


  • The fight with the lightsaber is fun and astounding to the eyes.
  • Lovely graphics showing the Star Wars atmosphere.


  • Multiple ways to accomplish an objective, giving room to creativity and thrilling twists.
  • The soundtrack raises the game further; it always matches the situations and conveys emotions.
  • Enemies and bosses are exciting, from a large number of stormtroopers to facing Sith lords in fierce duels.


  • Some functional problems concerning to glitches and optimization.


  • Specific skills like “best friends,” which gives a power meter every time stimulation is activated, are badly balanced.


  • The story is decent but at the start and in the end, it lacks some critical moments. The origin of Cal Kestis and his journey could have used a more impressive outcome.


  • Feeling of originality is missing as it takes elements from many types of games and combines them.


If you are into Star Wars, then hands down, yeah. If not, I will say that it is an awesome experience. You should definitely try it once.


Magnificent game! I’ve had an absolute blast. Recalls to me all the reasons why I love the franchise. EA had a lot to prove, and something wonderful was offered to us. I prefer playing to the Assassins Creed / Tomb Raider/Dark Souls kind of gameplay in this game. It very much compliments Star Wars.



The combat skills took time to get used to, but when you get a grip, it gets even more immersive. It’s much more tactical, rather than just plowing through anything. It takes patience. That makes it even more unique for me. It’s not very tough but some boss fights can be very challenging. Not to throw my controller and keyboard, but to learn enough from my errors and adapt my battle approach.



I loved all the new characters very obviously and can’t wait for their plot. Platforming almost has been always fun and intense. I liked to collect all the cosmetics and learn new worlds and characters. I loved everything in all. It’s the Star Wars single player I have had for a long time. In my view, after the former Unleashed Force, it is the best Star Wars title.

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