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Dauntless Adds ‘Untamed Wilds’ as New Update!

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The Dauntless has added a new update to the game called ‘Untamed Wilds’ on September 17th. The new update will feature Hunt Pass, Hunt Type, Terra Escalation, etc. It will be live on all platforms and even the game will be available in cross-play.

Untamed Wilds-Spawn Point

What does new Update Untamed Wilds offer?

The players encounter Terra based behemoths: the fungal beast Agarus in the current escalation. However, there are other escalations available. Terra Escalation brings players to Arbourhome and beat Agarus to get powerful weapons. The new Terra Escalation can be acquired from the Hunt Screen, Blaze, Umbral and Shock Escalations.


Besides, Untamed Wilds offers a new form of hunting: missions. To offer a clearer insight into the Dauntless world, the missions blend history, war and discovery. The Untamed Wilds missions give Sporestruck Embermane and Sporestruck Charrogg (the terra variants) the chance to combat above Terra Escalation.


Apart from three cosmetic armor which is rolled out, there are also rewards available across all 50 levels in both Elite and basic tracks. players can unlock time-limited tone recipes to assist them in the Terra Escalation process. Players finishing the Elite list earn 100% of their Platinum back.



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