World of Tanks Battle Royale-Spawn Point

World of Tanks Battle Royale Event is Back!

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World of Tanks Battle Royale Event is back now, which is kicked off from September 21. On this week in battle royale combat, the players will see who is the best on the ground. In October and November this year, tankers may also expect more series, with unprecedented rewards.


Steel Hunter sees 20 lone wolves or ten platoons competing to be the last one standing tank (or tanks). Tankers would have to either steal or take items from vehicles that have been destroyed, such as useful munitions, XP Fight, and HP refills. Players have to take note that a secure location might become a dangerous place that would make them leave the battlefield easily.

World of Tanks Battle Royale

World of Tanks Battle Royale Event- Few changes in 2020 Steel Hunter:

  • The number of tanks is increased to 5 than the previous 3.
  • A brand-new map ‘Arzagir 4.04’
  • Players will also be awarded rewards that they can show-off on the battlefield in a unique 2D style.
  • Players can earn a maximum of three tokens in each stage of Steel Hunter
  • AE Phase I, Char Futur 4, and Object 777 Variant II are the vehicles that can be earned by players.


World of Tanks Battle Royale is the first multiplayer combat game focused on armored warfare. Take part in the world’s epic World War II tank fights with players around the world. Your arsenal contains over 600 unique cars from 11 countries, with a historical precision carefully detailed.



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