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World of Warcraft comes with new board game

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World of Warcraft has a couple of board games and is still successful in creating fun and engagement. According to the sources, the Small World of Warcraft board game is another warcraft universe which comes out later this year. This game will be a strategy board game based on a small world, that includes races against each other in a war for territories.

However. This game is developed by Philippe Keyaerts and will have the original features along with a few changes to make it work perfectly into Blizzard’s fantasy world. This board game can be played by 0-5 players where they can take their warcraft race of choice and conquer Azeroth. The game will be completed in 40-80 minutes and will come with a huge number of cards and tokens.

Check out Small World of Warcraft here:

The game has 16 various races with 20 special powers to win over islands. It has some other features like;

  • 6 Double-Sided Game Boards
  • 16 different races with cards and tokens
  • 20 power badges
  • 7 legendary locations and 5 Artifacts
  • 15 Murlocs, 10 Mountains, 9 walls, Bombs, military & watchtowers
  • Victory coins, summary sheets
  • 1 Rules Sheet and booklet

This game will cost you $59.99, and is expected to release this summer as an official announcement of date is yet to happen. So, keep your eye on this game and grab it when releases.


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