5 Million Copies of Detroit Become Human Sold Since Its Release on PC - Header

5 Million Copies of Detroit: Become Human Sold Since Its Release on PC

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In June, Detroit : Become Human was release for PC on Steam. After the launch, Detroit : Become Human has crossed over 5 million sold copies around the globe. This milestone achieved by Quantic Dreams (developer of Detroit : Become Human) was achieved in exactly one month after the launch. Prior to its release on Steam (PC), Detroit : Become Human was Playstation® exclusive title and sold around 2 million copies in a year. Since Quantic Dreams announced that they are fully independent studio this year in February, they decided to go for PC.

In addition, the Developer has released a Twitch extension to streamers and viewers to make joint decisions on the Detroit : Become Human Steam released nearly 500 streamers had already experimented with the polling-based Twitch survey, according to Quantic Dream. More than 1.5 million votes have been recorded by the audience to date. It’s great to see a PlayStation game re-released that includes PC platform features. Hopefully, with upcoming Quantic Dream games, this will start in PC.

5 Million Copies of Detroit : Become Human®
Sold Since Its Release on PC !

5 Million Copies of Detroit Become Human Sold Since Its Release on PC - 1

“Launching Detroit : Become Human on Steam has been a delightful experience for us,” said Guillaume de Fondaumière, in a press release, Co-CEO and Head of Publishing at Quantic Dream. “The response we’re seeing has been incredibly positive, in particular in Asian markets. We are also thrilled by the response garnered by the concomitant release of our Community Play extension for streamers and viewers on Twitch, which elevated a fundamentally single player game into a social experience.”

About Detroit : Become Human

Detroit : Become Human is an adventure game where you as a player are an android. The plot has three androids: Kara whose task is to hunt down sensitive android animals and Markus, who has committed himself to freeing other android animals from servitude, to explore the newly discovered sentience and protect the young woman; Connor, who is hunted down sensitive androids. Every choice you make has different outcomes and different situations.

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Source: GameIndustry.Biz

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