Apple Music Launches On The PS 5 Officially- Header

Apple Music Launches On The PS 5 Officially!

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Apple Music will be globally available on PS 5, starting October 27, 2021.

Apple Music Launches On The PS 5 Officially- Inner

Apple Music arrives on a gaming console. And it makes its debut with the next generation console from Sony, the PlayStation® 5. The console allows its users with a subscription with the music streaming platform to stream their music.

This is similar to what the console allows for its users with a Spotify subscription. The PlayStation® 5 will, now, allow its users having an active subscription to Apple Music to play the music of their choice on its own or even in the background while they are playing any game of their choice.

Earlier, Sony made available the instructions that will enable the existing PlayStation® 5 users to set up Apple Music on their consoles. The instructions are available right here, on Sony’s PlayStation Support.

The integration of Apple Music with the PlayStation® 5; is the second such major integration that Sony has made with services from Apple. Earlier last year, Microsoft as well as Sony had announced that both of their next generation consoles, namely, the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation® 5, respectively, would be arriving with the Apple TV Plus application. In addition to that, Sony had also included a six months free trial period for the Apple TV Plus subscription, as well, for its users.

How To Install And Use The Apple Music Application On The PlayStation® 5

This integration with Apple Music will be quite a nice addition to have. Especially, when users are looking towards simplifying their TV setup and were looking to reduce the amount of switching between the built-in application and the dedicated streaming box.

The news first received some attention when a Redditor, u/HOLYWARS1990, posted a picture, from their account on the platform, after spotting Apple Music in the PlayStation® 5’s music menu, while creating a new account on the console. Following this, the folks at Eurogamer, too, were able to get the icon for the music streaming service, appear on the console, when they created a new account.

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Source: Reddit

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