Arcane Dethrones Squid Game To Debut At The No. 1 Spot On Netflix- Header- 2

Arcane Dethrones Squid Game To Debut At The No. 1 Spot On Netflix

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Arcane is an animated TV series based on the League of Legends universe that released on Netflix on November 6, 2021.

Riot Games’ anime TV series based on its League of Legends universe, Arcane released its first three episodes of its first season on Netflix on November 6, 2021. And as per the report by FlixPatrol, the show has debuted on the number one spot on the streaming platform giant.

Arcane has dethroned the former number one spot holder, the highly successful and immensely popular South Korean TV show that has broken quite a few records on and for the streaming giant, Squid Game, by doing so. Major streaming titles on FlixPatrol’s list now are Squid Game at the number 2 spot, Narcos: Mexico at the number 3 spot and so on. Check the entire list right here.

Arcane Debuts At No. 1 Spot On Netflix, Dethrones Former Chart Topper, Squid Game

Arcane Dethrones Squid Game To Debut At The No. 1 Spot On Netflix- Inner
Image Sourced From: FlixPatrol

It might be interesting to note that Arcane is at the number 8 spot in the United States of America as well as in the United Kingdom and the number 3 spot in South Korea. However, the show is at the number one spot in as many as thirty eight countries which include Brazil, Russia, Germany and France. This might have cumulatively resulted in the show grabbing the top spot on a global basis.

The first three episodes are live now and all you need is an active Netflix subscription to view it any time you want to. So far, it has been garnering much praise and acclaim from viewers, critics and fans of the games alike. The next three episodes will be available for viewing on November 13, 2021. This will be followed by the last three episodes of the first season, which will be available to viewers from November 20, 2021.

Arcane follows the origins of two of League of Legends’ iconic champions, sisters Vi and Jinx, as they are pitted against each other in the stark disorder of the twin cities of the utopian Piltover and the oppressed underground of Zaun.

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 Source: FlixPatrol

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