Bluetooth Audio Support Finally Arrives For Nintendo Switch With The Latest Software Update- Header

Bluetooth Audio Support Finally Arrives For Nintendo Switch With The Latest Software Update

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Nintendo has finally brought Bluetooth Audio Support to its Switch, with the latest software update.

Users of Nintendo Switch will finally get to experience a completely wire free gaming experience. With the latest software update, Bluetooth audio support has arrived for the console.

The console, since its launch in 2016, had not offered its users Bluetooth audio support. Over the years, it had become one of the most requested features. It seems that the company has finally heard them and decided to grant them that.

Earlier, if players wanted to use their devices with their Bluetooth earphones or speakers, they would have to plug in an adapter. However, with the latest software, all players will need to do is download the link.

Bluetooth Audio Support for Nintendo Switch: An Update Tour By GameXplain

However, the update, so far, is still far from perfect. The Bluetooth update will have some limitations, as of now. When players are using a Bluetooth speaker or earphones, there will be some limitations, in terms of the number of wireless controllers that can be connected to the console.

When using Bluetooth audio support, a maximum of only two not four wireless controllers can be connected. Likewise, any other Bluetooth device will be disconnected as soon as a local wireless game is started on the console. The console will, however, will still be able to remember up to ten different devices but only one can be connected at any one point of time.

Have you tried the latest update on your Nintendo Switch yet? Let us know your thoughts on this latest update in the comments below.

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Source: Nintendo