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Can Netflix Make It Big in the Video Games Industry?

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Talks have been increasing about Netflix’s foray into the gaming industry since the streaming giant hired Mike Verdu. It is no secret that they has been showing interest in the interactive gaming industry for some time now. In fact, Reed Hastings, Netflix Co-CEO had once remarked that they have a tougher competition with Fortnite than with HBO.

Netflix has shown the seriousness of its intent to take on the gaming industry through the hiring of veteran game executive Mike Verdu. Verdu has had a stellar career. Having worked for gaming companies such as Zynga, Electronic Arts and Kabam amongst others, he was working as Facebook’s Vice President or augmented and virtual reality content, before making the move to Netflix.

Their intention, as is clear from the Co-CEO’s statement, is not just to compete with other streaming platforms. The competition is with all things that consumers do and all things that take up their time. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic ensued lockdown set in, consumers have been looking into different avenues to spend their time and playing video games came atop every other leisure activity.

Can Netflix Make It Big in the Video Games Industry?

During 2019’s E3 Gaming Conference, Netflix had stated its intention to launch a mobile game for its hit series “Stranger Things”. This announcement followed right after they announced the launch of Stranger Things 3: The Game for PCs as well as consoles. Right after this, the company also announced their intention to create a video game adaptation of the movie “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance”, by the name “Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics”.

The company in its official announcement said that the initial plan is to start small and then grow from there. While they take on a tentative approach to the gaming business, its competition, companies such as Microsoft Corp., Electronic Arts Inc., Tencent Holdings Ltd. are all going big and scooping gaming labs up, actively. Thus a real possibility lurks that they might be left behind. Another issue that is worrying the users is that will Netflix be charging an additional subscription fee for access to the games, will it be available to users on their current plans or will it be free. These are some concerns on which their success in this ever-growing industry depends on.

Keep watching this space for more updates from the world of gaming.

Source: NDTV