Marvel's Avengers Reveals 'Capwolf', Its New Captain America Skin- Header

Marvel’s Avengers Reveals ‘Capwolf’, Its New Captain America Skin

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Capwolf is the new werewolf skin for Captain America in the live-service game Marvel Avengers. And it is right in time for Halloween.

Ever since its release, Marvel’s Avengers has kept updating and adding new costumes for all of its characters, on a very regular basis. These costumes are not only based on how the characters appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films but also draw from how they appear in the comic books, as well.

The Capwolf skin for Captain America is one of the skins that have been inspired by the Marvel Comics. In a tweet from the Marvel’s Avengersofficial Twitter account, Crystal Dynamics confirms that this skin is based on the Captain America Issue 405 that had released in August, 1992.

The Capwolf skin will make the game’s Captain America look like a werewolf and its release is the makers’ way to celebrate Halloween in the live-service game. The skin is very elaborate and it is probably one of the most extravagant skins that are currently present in the game.

The Capwolf Skin For Captain America Arrives On October 21, 2021

The new Captain America skin will be available for players for purchase starting today, i.e., October 21, 2021. It must be mentioned here; however, that while the Capwolf in the comic books had a brown fur, the skin in the game shows that it will be having white fur. The makers have not yet commented on why the change was made or the motivation behind it.

While fans are excited to see what this new skin will look like, many are still anticipating what other characters might receive a similar treatment and get Halloween inspired skins. The makers sure have a lot of content to draw inspiration. And many think that the Marvel Zombies series would be the best place to draw that from, to begin with.

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