Chad Grenier, Co-founder Of Respawn Entertainment Is Leaving The Studio After 11 Years- Header

Chad Grenier, Co-founder Of Respawn Entertainment Leaves The Studio After 11 Years

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Respawn Entertainment co-founder and Apex Legends director, Chad Grenier, is leaving the studio after an ‘unforgettable ride of eleven years.

Chad Grenier, through a blog on the official Respawn Entertainment website, announced that he will be leaving the studio. Grenier begins his announcement with the lines, “Few words can elegantly describe my 11 years at Respawn. After helping to co-found the studio, bring the Titanfall universe to life, and launch the incredible experiment that is Apex Legends – it’s been an unforgettable ride to say the least. But today, this crazy chapter comes to an end”.

In his announcement, Grenier confirmed that he will be succeeded by Steven Ferreira. Ferreira has often been referred to as Grenier’s right hand man and will be talking over as game director. Grenier has reassured the Apex Legends fans that the franchise is in “safe hands”.

Grenier further adds, “As I step away from Respawn, it’s important to let you know how much everyone at the studio and I appreciate the fans and this passionate community. Without you, this whole making games thing just doesn’t work. And we’ve accomplished some truly extraordinary things together, from integrating fan art into the game to seeing the community bring Apex Legends stories to life on Twitter. It’s been an absolute joy to watch the game and community grow”.

Respawn Co-founder Chad Grenier Leaves Studio After Eleven Years

Addressing the team and their efforts at game development, Grenier says, “To Vince and the entire team at Respawn, making great games isn’t easy and it’s been an honor to create these worlds and experiences with you. I’m so proud of all that we’ve built together and excited about the possibilities these franchises hold for years to come”.

He finally concludes with, “Even after all this time, I feel like a kid leaving the nest, and, as corny as it sounds, leaving a family behind. I’ll be bringing the experience and lessons learned from this incredible group to everything I do down the road. It will probably be tough to see the game continue to thrive and succeed in my absence, but that’s a good thing”.

Jason McCord, the design director too is also coincidentally leaving Respawn along with the departure of Chad Grenier, after eleven long years. McCord confirmed his departure from the studio via a tweet from his Twitter account.

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Source: Respawn Entertainment

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