The Mobile Gaming Market In China Sees Revenue Growths In October, 2021- Header

The Mobile Gaming Market In China Sees Revenue Growths In October, 2021

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The sales revenue of China’s gaming market, for the last month, went up by 0.48 per cent, year on year.

The Mobile Gaming Market In China Sees Revenue Growths In October, 2021- Inner

According to a recent industry report, the sales revenue of China’s gaming market has recorded a growth, in the past month.

According to the report released by CNG, a gaming industry based research institute, the sales revenue of the gaming market in China had reached almost 18.64 billion Yuan, which equates to about $ 2.9 billion. This is a 0.48 per cent growth, year on year. This is also a 3.37 per cent increase from the sales revenue of the market in September, 2021, as well. In October, the overseas revenue from mobile games developed in China was about $ 1.6 billion. This was a 1.79 per cent drop from the same in September.

A report by the mobile applications analysis firm, Sensor Tower states that the top thirty giants in the mobile gaming industry had brought in a revenue of $ 2.16 billion, worldwide, in December, 2020. This amount had, in that period, accounted for twenty nine per cent of the total revenue of the mobile gaming market, globally. Sensor Tower attributes this rapid expansion that these mobile game developers and publishers have achieved to their product innovation as well as their strategic understanding, with regards to the needs and requirements of the gaming industry.

Reports by the Chinese state media Xinhua News Agency suggests that the total sales revenue raked in by the top thirty mobile gaming publishers in China had increased by forty five percent, year on year. On the other hand, the total payment made by gamers on the Google Play Store and the App Store had, in comparison to that, only increased by a mere 27.8 per cent, year on year, during the same period.

China's Mobile Gaming Market Records Revenue Growth In The Past Month

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Source: China Daily

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