Chinese State Media Calls For Addressing Loopholes In New Gaming Regulations for Minors- Header

Chinese State Media Calls For Addressing Loopholes In New Gaming Regulations for Minors

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Chinese state media expressed concerns about minors violating the gaming time limit.

Addressing the gaming time limit issued by the government, the Chinese state media states that loopholes still exist in the new rules. And minors have been making use of these loopholes to breach the three hours a week gaming time limit the government has set. The media have been rallying for stricter measures for addressing these existing loopholes.

These new rules were enforced by the Chinese state media in August, 2021, following a scathing article that compared video gaming to ‘spiritual opium’. The government cracked down on the gaming companies and stricter laws were passed.

As per the rules, minors will be limited to gaming from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM only on holidays and the weekends. While parents hailed these rules, minors all across the country have expressed their displeasure.

A commentary in the Communist Party’s official People’s Daily newspaper stated that “on some online trading platforms, there are game account rental and sales businesses, users can bypass the supervision by renting and buying accounts and play online games without restrictions. This means that there are still loopholes for teenagers to enter online gaming, which is worthy of attention”.

Chinese State Media Throws Light On Loopholes In New Gaming Restrictions For Minors, Says Must Be Addressed

Chinese State Media Calls For Addressing Loopholes In New Gaming Regulations for Minors- Inner

The commentary further elaborated that some game trading platforms had enforced strict measures in order to prevent minors from buying, renting or selling accounts.  Pointing towards this, it said that the gaming enterprises must be “fulfilling their social responsibilities” actively. It said that they must “be responsible for the healthy growth of the next generation” by working towards and promoting “the healthy development of the industry”.

As per these new rules, the onus is entirely on the gaming industry to ensure that the rules are being followed and minors are not violating them. In this direction, the gaming firms in the country had vowed to practice self-regulations and ensure the rules are being followed. However, the onus must lie on the parents and the adults supervising the minors as well, in this case. As it had been pointed out by several experts that the minors could very easily get addicted to some other mode of entertainment, as well.

China has the world’s largest video games market. Authorities in the country had been concerned about the growing addiction towards video gaming. Following the article published by Chinese state media Xinhua News Agency, the outrage reached new heights and the government cracked down on the gaming industry.

Read more about the new rules passed by the Chinese government on restricting video gaming addiction amongst its minors, here.

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Source: Reuters