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‘Company of Heroes 2’ Free on Steam for A Limited Period of Time !

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Kicking off with Steam’s ‘Open World’ Sale, Company of Heroes 2 is now free until 31st May 2021. This includes both CoH 2 game and its Ardennes Assault single-player campaign. Alongside, the offer also states that if the player buy’s the bundle before 31st May, they are free to keep forever. And a bundle of Company of Heroes franchise is on sale with upto 80% off. Its Ardennes Assault DLC adds a new single-player campaign featuring the American Armed Forces.

About Company of Heroes 2 :

CoH 2 is a real time strategy game developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Seago on PC. It’s first part was released and 2006 and the later released it’s sequel in 2013 on PC. This game features both campaign and multiplayer mode and the gameplay revolves around Soviet Red Army as a new faction. From Operation Barbarossa to the Battle of Berlin, CoH 2 takes the player to various stages of the Eastern Front Campaign.

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Reviews of Company of Heroes 2:

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