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Cookie Clicker Receives Positive Reviews On Its Arrival On Steam

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Cookie Clicker is now available on Steam. And the fans of the game are going gaga over it!

It has roughly been a day since the very engaging and highly addictive incremental game Cookie Clicker made its debut on Steam. And its presence is already being felt on the platform.

It is clear for anyone to see that the craze for the game has not dimmed a bit at all. The game debuted as a browser game in 2013. The game was the first ever and often considered as the most important game in the incremental games genre.

Cookie Clicker: Official Steam Release Trailer

The paid version of the game, that is now available on Steam, is the same as the free version of the game that is available on the browser. However, users of the paid version will get certain perks.

Players will be able to cloud save, Steam achievements and even import their progress from the browser version of the game. It is also most likely that the music featured in the Steam version will not be available on the browser version any time soon, as it takes up “a lot of bandwidth”.

Developer Julien “Orteil” Thiennot says that the only things that the Steam version had which were not available on the browser version are ones “that are only practical through the Steam platform”.

Cookie Clicker: Explained by Alt Shift X

Ortiel also says that while the browser version might get delayed updates as the focus would primarily be on the Steam version, their mission will be to keep both versions as close to each other as possible.

Cookie Clicker was developed by Julien “Orteil” Thiennot. The code for the first version of the game was written within a night. However, the game gets regular updates. A paid version of the game is now available on Steam for ₹ 199, $ 5, € 4, £ 4. The browser version will still be available for free. The game is published by DashNet and by Playsaurus for Steam.

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