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CS:GO Music Kits: What’s New?

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CS:GO gets a brand new music kit. If you were thinking of cooking up a reason for going back to the game, here is one. Music kits got added to the game back in 2014. The reason was simple. It allowed players to reskin their main menu theme music just like their weapons.

The latest edition of the music kit has been titled the Tacticians Music Kit. This kit boasts of six different alternate tracks, all composed by several reputed videogame composers.

Amongst those that contributed to the CS:GO music kit, the most notable are Freaky DNA (of Retro City Rampage fame), Sarah Schachner (of Assassin’s Creed fame) and Chipzel (of Crypt of the Necrodancer and Super Hexagon fame). On this list is also the award-winning composer Austin Wintory of The Banner Saga and Journey fame who is responsible for a mashup track featuring elements of polka and metal.

Catch Laura Shigihara's Music Video for CS:GO Tactician's Music Kit

There is also Laura Shigihara of Plants vs. Zombie and Rakuen fame whose contribution also features an animated music video. This music video is most definitely worth a watch in case you are looking for some war hardened men from the military shake a leg and pose like popstars.

CS:GO developed and published by Valve Corporation is a multiplayer, first person shooter game. It is available for PCXbox 360 and PlayStation® 3.

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Source: CS:GO Stash