Days Gone Director Reveals The Game Sold Over 8 Million Copies On PS4- Header

Days Gone Director Reveals The Game Sold Over 8 Million Copies On PS4

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Days Gone director claims that like Ghost of Tsushima, the game sold over eight million copies.

At the CES 2022, Ghost of Tsushima was lauded for attaining yet another milestone. The game has till date sold over eight million copies, which, going by the numbers itself, is indeed quite an impressive feat, in and of itself.

As appreciation for the game and its makers pour in, there has always been a perception that exists amongst fans that Days Gone, another first person open world title, like Ghost of Tsushima, has, on the other hand, been a disappointment, in terms of its commercial success.

However, Days Gone’s director Jeff Ross took to his official Twitter account to state that the game inspired by Sons of Anarchy, had also sold over eight million copies. According to Ross’s tweet, this number was accurate at the time when he had left Sony, i.e., around December, 2020.

In his tweet, Ross comments that the game had, by then been out for “a year and a half (a month)”, which translates to roughly over a period of eighteen months or so. Ross further adds that, “It’s since gone on to sell more, and then a million+ on Steam. Local studio management always made us feel like it was a big disappointment.

Days Gone Director Reveals The Game Sold Over 8 Million Copies For The PS4

While we are in way privy to what went on between PlayStation and Ross and his team. However, it almost seems like the bigwigs were more disappointed with how the game performed critically rather than commercially. Because considering the numbers Ross states, the commercial success of the game is as clear as the daylight.

As of now, it is almost safe to assume that Days Gone has garnered over ten million copies on Steam for PC as well as the PS4, combined. Despite these figures, Sony had decided not to green light the game for a sequel. It was indeed quite an enjoyable game and it probably is a shame that it did not receive love enough to get a sequel for itself.

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