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“The Internet Is Yet To Uncover All Of Deathloop’s Secrets” Tweets Game Developer

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Deathloop has plenty of its own share of secrets. However, this one is pretty ‘on the nose’ says developer.

Arkane Studio’s latest published by Bethesda Softworks, Deathloop has been gaining much attention and quite deservedly so. The first person shooter game was released for PC and a timed exclusive for the PlayStation® 5 in September, 2021. The game is indeed quite engaging and has its share of secrets to unravel.

The Internet has been having quite a grand time indeed uncovering most of them. Spread across four different regions that each have four different time periods, there are plenty of aspects that can be missed out on. however, the collective efforts of players all across the world who have been playing the game, several of them have been revealed.

It has almost been a month since Deathloop released, in September. And with so many regions and time periods, it is very likely for a player to go through an entire play through without having encountered several of these secrets and going ahead having not uncovered completely unaware of heaps of information.

However, with the collective efforts of the Internet, it must be highly possible that all of these secrets have been uncovered and unveiled. Apparently not! As per a recent tweet from Julien Eveillé, a level designer at Arkane, there is at least one secret in the game that is yet to be discovered by anyone on the Internet.

 Julien Eveillé’s tweet reads, “I know for a fact the Internet didn’t find everything hidden in Deathloop so far. There’s still one secret thing I want someone to discover”. According to the tweets on Eveillé’s Twitter account, he has predominantly worked on the noon and the afternoon variants in the Updaam region. This makes it likely that the secret being refered to, must, most likely be uncovered there.

Deathloop Official Gameplay Walkthrough

However, it is not all that simple. While responding to a Twitter user about the nature and likely (in)significance of the said secret in Deathloop, the developer elaborates, “It’s a way bigger consequence to a way bigger event that can only happen if you made it happen. Also the cause and the consequence aren’t on the same map!

It is very clear that Eveillé is telling players to not just go and get started on the Updaam region during the noon and/or afternoon. His words might even indicate that this hunt for the said secret could possibly be a chain of tumbling dominoes sort of an event where one thing will be leading to another.

Further talking about the secret, Eveillé says that this secret isn’t very well hidden and that “it’s actually very ‘on the nose’ but is relying on a series of not that obvious odds”. I guess it means that we go back once again to this highly engaging game and comb through all the details and secrets that we already have and work towards finding this ‘on the nose’ secret.

We will be trawling through the game once again for this uncovered secret. What about you? We wish you luck on this endeavour, in case you plan on going scouting for secrets.

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