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Discord Tests New Feature To Stream YouTube Videos

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Discord has been testing a new YouTube integration feature after Google banned several of its extremely popular independent music bots.

Discord is collaborating with YouTube in order to test its latest offering Watch Together. We have learnt that this feature will allow users of the popular chatting platform to watch along YouTube videos together.

The platform has decided on this move after a legal action taken by Google has led them to shut down two of their most popular music bots that had been created by the users of the platform. The function of these bots was quite similar to the one that is being tested by them currently.

The Watch Together feature is appearing in some of the smaller servers on the platform. The feature looks a lot like Discord’s regular screen sharing feature. However, this new comes with some very specific integration for YouTube.

This feature will allow the call hosts to paste links to the original video on YouTube or even create a queue of several YouTube videos by searching them as well. It will also enable the call hosts to allow or disallow the others on the call to add their own video links for sharing.

Discord's Latest Feature "WATCH TOGETHER" And Why Rhythm And Groovy Are Gone

The most significant difference between the Watch Together and the discontinued bots on the platform, such as Groovy Discord and Rhythm is that the former’s official integration with YouTube allows YouTube to play its ads when its videos are being streamed during a watch along in the server.

When the users are accessing the feature for the first time, a warning pops up on the screen stating that “You may also see ads during YouTube videos”. The pop up further clarifies that while the tool has been built by Discord, it is powered by YouTube”.

We have learnt that the Watch Together feature is currently only available for the smaller servers. It can currently be availed for only the family and friends servers. The platform is working towards making the feature available on the bigger servers on the platform, within the next few weeks itself.

Have you tried the Watch Together feature yet? If you have not done that yet, then you can check it out on the Discord Game Lab Server. Let us know your thoughts and opinions on this new feature, in the comments below.

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Source: The Verge

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